Solo and Agenda Setting

Here are two short clips of the beginning stages of my choreographic research, “intersecting policy and dance.”  It is the same movement layered with a different sound-score.  The first is “This is Heaven” by Madeleine Peyroux and the second is a sound-score I wrote and recorded; it combines Garmin direction language with common policy words we often hear that affects the way we move through public and personal spaces.

In these clips, I am working on physical movement problems; specifically, movement generated by my physical capabilities and limitations, working within the permissions and denials of my own body. To give an example: a flexible lower back and tight hamstrings.  What possibilities come from these physical ‘problems’? And how can I solve movement sequences in new ways?

I am purposely trying to challenge my physical capacity to accomplish problems in new ways and thereby generate a more fresh, three dimensionality style.


New Video Dance “Pattern”

Check out this video dance. This was an attempt at a new process of choreography. I took footage from various events and locations wondering how I was going to put them all together. Then I thought artists see art everywhere in everything. There is motion, music, color, rhythm all around us – one just has to find it. This process gave me the complete work, but was lacking organization. It was as if I had the complete score without any meter, arrangement, or bars. I carefully filtered through about 15 minutes of footage and found the simple patterns that seemed to connect each segment. I approached the piece as I would any dance choreography, the transitions, timing, accent, space, repetition, and music should be well developed. The project showed me how to explore choreography in a new way starting was all the material and then finding a structure. There could be great value in generating lots of movement and then finding a meaning, purpose, or connection. The meaning may be found in ‘context-free’ movement. Something for me to chew on.