Emerging Research for “Intersecting Policy and Dance”

I am gathering research for the Dance Under Construction conference at UC Riverside on April 16.  Check out my upcoming presentation and learn more about “Intersecting Policy and Dance.”

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The process of identity – one that is constantly in flux, influenced and altered minute by minute – as I continue my creative process about negotiating policy and choreography, I am amazed at what will trigger creative moments.  Last night it was a song by Ella Fitzgerald…then a three-minute solo, then a ten-minute soundscore, and now photography explorations.

New Video Dance “Pattern”

Check out this video dance. This was an attempt at a new process of choreography. I took footage from various events and locations wondering how I was going to put them all together. Then I thought artists see art everywhere in everything. There is motion, music, color, rhythm all around us – one just has to find it. This process gave me the complete work, but was lacking organization. It was as if I had the complete score without any meter, arrangement, or bars. I carefully filtered through about 15 minutes of footage and found the simple patterns that seemed to connect each segment. I approached the piece as I would any dance choreography, the transitions, timing, accent, space, repetition, and music should be well developed. The project showed me how to explore choreography in a new way starting was all the material and then finding a structure. There could be great value in generating lots of movement and then finding a meaning, purpose, or connection. The meaning may be found in ‘context-free’ movement. Something for me to chew on.