Made in Italy

I should have listened. All my colleagues said it would happen.
The immediate cut from dancers, studios, and groupies gone the minute my feet touched down on Italian soil. Yet, despite my digital absence these last few months, I have been meddling in various artistic forms: fashion, food, and photography (really wanted to spell it fotography,for alliteration sake, and in actuality, it is correct spelling in Italian). Yes, fashion, food, and fotography. And, if my friends believe me, my life has actually slowed down; I can do three or four things in a day and, suddenly, the day is over. Those things could be visiting the local farmers’ market, window shopping in the stunning clothing stores along Palladio, and then tidying our lovely downtown apartment. I think back to one day in graduate school and all I can say is, “how did I do that?”

To feed the artistic hole that has been gaping over me the last few months I’ve kept active in art through designing our home, traveling, and, of course, eating my way through this time of transition. Here are a few of my favorites over the last few months:

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Photos from Meknes, Morocco

Roman ruins about thirty minutes outside of Meknes

Roman ruins about thirty minutes outside of Meknes

Roman ruins about thirty minutes outside of Meknes

Grand entrance to our performance space, Bab Mansour.

Local street near Bab Mansour in the morning light.

One of the many beautiful alleyways in Meknes.

A self portrait.

Yummy local fruits from street vendors…pomegranates are my new breakfast.