“[ME]thod” M.F.A. thesis project

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Photos from my M.F.A. thesis, “[ME]thod”, explored the curiosity and concentration of problem-solving and negotiation while seeking the embodied humanity behind political processes. This piece was one of my favorites with three sets of different characters: the representatives, the workers, and the citizens. The piece delves into the way these three composite characters work in order to accomplish policy acts. And the challenges of negotiating with a group when it seems that everyone is out for themselves. This work incorporated highly physical choreography, with moments of humor about policy language and writing, as well as challenging conflicts among relationships and space.


Body Policy – Showing 1

After five weeks of rehearsal I presented the beginning draft to faculty and fellow students at OSU.  I received very interesting and helpful feedback.  Positives: strong movement vocabulary, physically interesting and challenging choreography, the reading of representative and working bodies is clear and strong, music by Rachel’s, Evelyn Glennie, and Albert Mathias is working well.  Critiques: purpose and reasoning for groupings, why duets, why trios; what is the purpose of the group interactions; draw out policy issues through separating group rather than bringing together a community, increase risk of negotiations, mess it up – duets are too well rehearsed, formality versus informality, humanness versus perfected performance…and the list goes on.  Check it out; feedback is welcome.

Points to remember: Invite the audience into my process instead of forcing it upon them; don’t try to point so hard and say…”See this is MEANINGFUL” aka avoid melodramatic music, focus, and movement; does formality fit the intention of the work; change the texture of touch between partnerships; no solid lines facing the audience: thanks Pina, we loved the idea so much everyone is using it:); Draw out “ME!”; find an arch through the piece; seek precariousness and messy partnering.

It is the perfect time for outside eyes.  My dancers have been amazing through this entire process and I’m looking forward to coming back to the work in January.  A long trip to Africa and then I’ll be back in Columbus.  This whole process has shown me how much I love choreography.

Policy Maps

Policy Maps is the third section of my MFA project.  The idea spawned from a basic choreographic structure of space maps.  My dancers and I studied about eight to nine different maps that demonstrated the working of policy system in various fields.

We drew out pathways, relationships, and roles we found interesting and built our own policy map. Each member has a specific role: facilitator, agent, opposing party,translator, and supporter.  The roles also interacted in specific relationships: constrains, enables, enforces, directs & assists, targets, and direct action.

Each player had the choice to revoke or repair directions from the facilitator.  The process was such wonderful play and has generated very interesting material.  I think it could be my favorite section of this work.