Artistic Statement

I am an artist that must find a way to connect art to the larger world. It must have meaning, impact, and influence in the world around me. Art is a way I am challenged to make an impact.

My passion for dance is a unique way to present, discuss, and solve real issues. I care deeply about dance, but I care more about influencing people. I believe art should be a courageous statement about the world we hope to live in and not a comment on what it simply is. I am an idealist of humanity, but often I find audiences are impacted by realities, both great and small. Art shapes how others look at the world and can influence them to take an active role in their environments. For me, it needs to serve a purpose that will influence the audience, student, contributor, or critic to understand themselves, the body, and motion in new ways.

I love self-discovery in art, and I hope to develop more ways to help others learn about themselves and their world through a movement medium. Whether this is accomplished by performance, choreography, or teaching – my motivating force is helping others learn to love, understand, and appreciate more of who they are and hope to be. I imagine more people should be educated and involved in artistic experiences. I want to be an artist that creates work that is diverse, intriguing, and technical. Being well-rounded, mold-able, inventive, and unpredictable are qualities in artists that I highly value. I want to explore how art is both expressive as well as functional.

I need to find or develop the means, resources, and facilities that can provide opportunities for support of artists as well as increase the general person’s understanding and appreciation of dance. I hope to influence a number of new audiences to value and support dance.

I will make a difference.


One thought on “Artistic Statement

  1. You’ve certainly made a difference in our lives! I love hearing your perspectives and seeing the actions you take to realize your dreams.

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