“Two to One” premiers with WCDC, June 28-29th at the Ragan Theater

American DreamThis weekend my new work “Two to One” will premier at the Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company’s concert,”The American Dream.” WCDC’s concert highlights works focused around American History, and “show inspired by the great events of our nation’s history, from the writing of our National Anthem to the experience of modern day army wives. The American Dream is a wonderful way for the entire family to learn about and show appreciation for our country on the weekend before Independence Day.”http://wasatchcontemporary.wix.com/wcdc#!catalogue

My work, Two to One, is an expansion of a solo I did for the Artist, Interrupted conference about three years ago. My husband and I interviewed each other about our life in the military and in the arts. The piece was meant to be a duet, but due to a change in my husband’s training schedule, I went solo. So, to replace him I used his boots – and it was a lucky misfortune to make a duet into a solo.

When WCDC asked me to choreograph for their “American Dream” concert, I decided to revisit that solo and expand it to a trio. i interviewed three couples for the audio text and edited about three hours of interview material down to a six minute work. There was a LOT of great interview material to choose from, but I tried my best to highlight stories that demonstrate life as a military couple.

The entire work was set long-distance using video, email, and skype, which was quite a challenge. I have done plenty of video work with dance, but actually setting a piece, organizing all the instructions, and clarifying through video was a lot of extra work for me and the dancers.

One of my favorite sections of the work is a longer partnering section between the three dancers. My instructions were as clear as I could make them, I showed a few examples of other rehearsals and outcomes of the improv score. The process of reviewing ten to twenty minutes of improvisation and selecting second by second sections of movement was very tedious, but extremely rewarding once we set the final product.

If you want to do something unique this year for the Fourth of July, go see WCDC’s concert this weekend!


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