Choreographing for “Il Ratto dal Serraglio”

The past two weeks I’ve been working with a group of musicians and opera singers organized by the Teatro Comunale in Vicenza. Every summer the famous Teatro Olympico holds weekly musical events and this year the season opener is Mozart’s comedy, “Il Ratto dal Serraglio” (The abduction from Serraglio).

Since this is a first for me working on an opera I didn’t really know quite what to expect. My assignment was to create a fun and funny dance to Mozart’s Turkish Dance for a choir of 25, each of whom needed to dance with a newspaper. The choir members were very good sports as they listened carefully to my beginning Italian teaching them the steps and sequences to the dance work. I think for many of them this was their first time learning and performing a strongly choreographed section – and they have performed exceptionally well! Beyond setting a short dance work I’ve been helping with staging and some minimal choreography for the main characters in the opera.

It has been a thrill to work with a full orchestra, choir, and masterful singers in such a stunning venue! The opera opens tomorrow night, May 20 at 18:00 at the Teatro Olympico and will run until Wednesday, May 23. Click on the link for more info about the show.

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