“Here, Then, Us and The Other” MFA Concert, April 14-16, 2011

The Ohio State University Department of Dance presents Here, Then, Us and the Other, an MFA thesis concert by graduate students Maree ReMalia, Kristen Jeppsen Groves, and Teoma Naccarato. The show runs Thursday April 14 to Saturday April 16 at 8pm in Sullivant Theatre, 1813 N. High Street.

The choreographers will come together to share three individual pieces that represent the talent and diversity within the department.

ReMalia invites audiences to meet a charming cast of characters in all the little things that are nearly them. Independent worlds intersect through unexpected encounters and what is recognizably dance meets the fringe of the form. This composition of idiosyncratic, seemingly disparate elements emerged from improvisational explorations and materials contributed by the public: HYPERLINK “http://mahiree.wordpress.com/mfa-project-solo-input” http://mahiree.wordpress.com/mfa-project-solo-input.

As an emerging arts advocate, Jeppsen Groves combines the intricate configurations of policy creation with complex, athletic choreography in her new work, [Me]thod. Her physically dynamic piece explores the curiosity and concentration of problem solving and negotiation while seeking the embodied humanity behind political processes.  

Naccarato presents Gently between us, an interdisciplinary piece that explores emotional and physical intimacy, mediated via technology. By manipulating cameras onstage, the dancers connect and depart in flesh and video projection. The piece was created in collaboration with media director Shawn Hove, composer Tristan Seufert, and the performers. Samples of Naccarato’s past work are available at: HYPERLINK “http://www.naccarato.org/dance” http://www.naccarato.org/dance.

Tickets can be purchased at the door: $10 general admission $5 seniors, students. Parking is available at the Ohio Union’s South Garage (1759 N. High St) and North Garage (1780 College Rd) as well as at the Arps Garage (1990 College Rd), and is wheelchair accessible.

In addition, on Monday April 18 at 5pm, Mara Penrose will present a lecture/demonstration summarizing her investigation of large group performance. The lecture will include discussion of mass movement spectacles Penrose created as well as excerpts from a 1930’s ‘movement choir’ arranged by Albrecht Knust. 

For more information, contact Teoma Naccarato at (614) 886-6696.


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