This blog is intended to represent my creative platform.  It is a fushion of a website and a blog.  As an artist and choreographer I am constantly fusing ideas, genres, and inspirations together to create my work and this blog is a visual representation of fusion work.  This blog is a place of contact, connection, and collaboration.  I am hoping to  access various collaborators and artists, log inspirational works for my art, and network with others.  My blog is to advertise my work; making it accessible for a larger audience (dance and others) to view, comment, and experience.

The best way to experience my blog is to click through the pages listed at the top.  Hot topics and new work are listed first.  From here check out past works check out my gallery, bio, and artistic statement.  Take a moment to write a comment on “My Canvas” page, discuss what inspires you: Is it music? art? dance? film? money? people? travel?  You can list anything and everything – it is to expand my creative palette and could link me to my next work.

I have yet to discover the best ways of using a blog – creating a new identity in the web world seems slightly daunting – wondering how I will choose to represent my artist self.  Comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated as I begin this new “identity”.


New Video Dance “Pattern”

Check out this video dance. This was an attempt at a new process of choreography. I took footage from various events and locations wondering how I was going to put them all together. Then I thought artists see art everywhere in everything. There is motion, music, color, rhythm all around us – one just has to find it. This process gave me the complete work, but was lacking organization. It was as if I had the complete score without any meter, arrangement, or bars. I carefully filtered through about 15 minutes of footage and found the simple patterns that seemed to connect each segment. I approached the piece as I would any dance choreography, the transitions, timing, accent, space, repetition, and music should be well developed. The project showed me how to explore choreography in a new way starting was all the material and then finding a structure. There could be great value in generating lots of movement and then finding a meaning, purpose, or connection. The meaning may be found in ‘context-free’ movement. Something for me to chew on.