Work in Progress “Duet for Three”

This is a current work, check out my Current Projects page for details on this piece entitled “Duet for Three.” My dancers and collaborators are Courtney Harris, Lisa Ferrugia, and Kelly


2 thoughts on “Work in Progress “Duet for Three”

  1. I like the gestural work here. The segment in which the dancers are stationary and repeating the phrase draws in the viewer well and therefore works nicely in the opening. I would like to see further manipulations of the phrase in partnering work (as you have done a bit in the final portion of this clip), however, don’t be afraid to manipulate them to an extent that renders the phrase unrecognizable. From what I’ve read on the project page you are limiting yourself to a particular phrase. I think it may be important to remember that you need not limit what the audience sees in the same way. They don’t have to recognize the source of the material and actually will need something to serve as a visual “break.” Great start! I hope my comments are helpful. Good luck on your Christmas research – great time to observe family!

    • Thanks for your feedback on my initial work, I’m just posting the final composition which was shown at OSU in the spring of ’09. Check it out when you can.

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