Work in Progress “Duet for Three”

This is a current work, check out my Current Projects page for details on this piece entitled “Duet for Three.” My dancers and collaborators are Courtney Harris, Lisa Ferrugia, and Kelly




Kristen Jeppsen is a graduate student in dance at the Ohio State University. She is interested in choreography, public policy, advocacy, and administration within dance. Most recently her works have dealt with political injustices and human right issues. She is pursuing her MFA to further her choreographic training and experience.

Kristen is a native from Salt Lake City, Utah where she grew up enjoying various dance training. Her dance background includes modern, hip hop, jazz, ballet, and tap. She has had performance and teaching experiences in each genre in both educational and professional venues. Before starting the Dance Education program at BYU, Kristen taught at Local Motion Dance Studio in South Jordan, Utah where she developed her skills in choreography and teaching. Her choreography received local and national awards at various competitions. During this time she also performed and choreographed for Premiere Dance Company, located in the Salt Lake Valley.

In 2002, Kristen studied abroad in China teaching English for six months and the following year served an eighteen month service mission in Mongolia. These foreign experiences taught her how the performing arts enrich cultural heritage. They were the pinnacle that led me to the Dance Education program.

In 2005, Kristen was accepted into the Dance Education program at BYU. She had numerous experiences in teaching, choreography, and performance which helped me become a well-rounded artist. Kristen participated in all three of BYU’s performing modern groups including Kinnect, DancEnsemble, and Dancers’ Company.

As a member of Kinnect, a community out-reach creative dance group, she developed important skills teaching creative dance in public schools around Utah, Las Vegas, and New York. As the Assistant Student Director of Kinnect she was heavily involved in choreography, rehearsals, and co-creating the lecture demonstration performance.

As a member of DancEnsemble, a student choreography group, Kristen created and presented choreographic works. In addition, she was responsible for all program/poster design and advertising. Kristen participated and performed pieces of various style and technique. As a senior she also choreographed a major work focused on current human right issues entitled, “The People’s Evolution”

Finally, while participating in Dancers’ Company, BYU’s performing company, Kristen spent a year as the Public Relations representative, representing the university on tour in Texas, New Mexico, and at public venues in Utah.

Outside of fulfilling undergraduate requirements, she had valuable experiences working closely with university faculty as a teacher and research assistant. Kristen applied and received requested money for two grants which took Kinnect on tour to New York. Since 2006, she has taught collegiate level courses in creative dance methods for elementary education majors; training teachers how to use dance as a tool for better education in public schools. In 2007, Kristen worked directly with a faculty member co-writing and researching new curriculum for the course. In addition, she also participated as a dance department student representative, advocating needs and issues to BYU’s president and university donors. While at BYU, Kristen received two tuition scholarships in academics and outstanding performance and was awarded the dance department’s “Outstanding Teacher”, “Outstanding Student”, “Best Choreographer”, and “Best Female Performer” awards.

Within her community Kristen participated in various BYU dance camps and local high school summer camps. She also worked as a paid choreographer, creating modern, jazz, and hip hop routines for local high schools and studios in Utah. Kristen is a student member of Utah Dance Education Organization and have taught at Utah-based Dance and the Child International workshops.